Why Catalyst?

Main Faculties

Generally it is the trend in coaching institutions these days that main faculties teach the students in demo classes but when the student takes the admission, after that half of the subject is shared by assistant faculties who are not upto the mark and very less experienced. Apart from that this, these salaried faculties generally switch the coaching in mid session for some hike in salary leaving student in midstream. This results in disruption of flow of studies. This also leads to disruption of synchronisation with the teacher and student takes time to again come in flow with the new teacher. Sometimes it also happens that the student never comes in synergy with the teaching methodology of the replaced teacher. This is very general trend in the corporate national level coaching institutions.But the most unique fact about catalyst is that whole subject is taught by main faculties which are the owner of the institute themselves so no change of teacher getting replaced or the risk of being taught by mediocre faculties.
 Catalyst Directors1

Study Material

designed by highly experienced faculty

The Study Material of CATALYST is designed by highly experienced faculty who have in depth knowledge of the subject & pattern of examination. The study material is topic-wise based on current trend of exam is provided prior to standing of topic. Besides theory, a vast bank of numerical is provided, hence application part is highly emphasized. The study materials also covers NCERT / BOARDS syllabus so that students can get through their Board Examination with flying colors.

DPP (Daily Practice Problem)

DPP means Daily Practice Problem. The salient features of DPP of catalyst is mentioned below.
  • Micro Level coverage of all the topics of a Chapter/Unit given in JEE Main & Advanced Syllabus.
  • Each DPP has various types of questions; Subjective Questions, Single/Multiple Correct Options, Statements type, Comprehension based, Integer Value Answer type, Matching, etc., making you practice & ready for all the question formats of JEE.
  • Along with Topical Coverage, Revisal DPPs for JEE Main & JEE Advanced with each Chapter, covering multidisciplinary questions proving comprehensive practice.
  • JEE Main & JEE Advanced Archive (Collection of last 10 years’ exams questions) with each chapter.
  • Complete Solutions for each DPP.
With the hope that DPP series will prove to be very beneficial for the students preparing for JEE, by giving them daily practice in a systematic & planned manner.

Video/Smart Classes

Catalyst has 10000 Hrs. of recorded Video lectures in all the subjects viz.Physics Chemistry Mathematics. Whenever a student misses a class due to unavoidable circumstances or health issues, he can watch the lost lectures in Video solution lab or Smart Class. This is something  unique facility provided to students by Catalyst.
The Video Classes also provide an unique opportunity for students to revise the lectures which they do not properly comprehend during the class, It is specially for weaker students.  
 Smart Class1

Doubt Clearing Zone

The Objective of Doubt Discussion Classes is to provide additional attention and care to the students. It helps those students who couldn’t understand a concept at first which is now affective their performance.

It also helps those students who hesitate to ask/ discuss their doubts in the classroom because of their shyness and their past academic environment. In fact Doubt Discussion Class is a One to One Discussion Forum between the student and the teacher. It is a regular facility available at Catalyst throughout the academic session for all the classes. The faculty members are always available (from morning to evening) at a specific location called Doubt clearing zone.Doubt Clearing makes student feels personal Touch/ Attention. It motivates him to focus on his/ her target with improved energy and enthusiasm.

Sometimes Doubt Discussion Classes become a good platform to recover the lost syllabus for those students who couldn’t take admission at the time of beginning of the course and have got delayed due to some reason(s).

Discussion Classes help students recovering this lost syllabus to certain extent. In case a student falls sick or is unable to attend the classes due to some unavoidable circumstances and loses some syllabus taught during the absence period.

The Doubt Discussion Classes are also very helpful to those students who don’t feel confident in a particular subject and it is affecting their overall performance. Through Doubt Discussion Classes such students can increase their grasp in that subject.
 Doubt Clearing Zone

Test Series

Catalyst conducts mock tests based on IIT-JEE (advance & mains) pattern every fortnightly to give students the taste of real examination.
Catalyst test series prepares students for gruelling pressure which student faces in the renowned exam IIT-JEE.For the School going students exam based on board pattern of all subjects is also conducted.
The answer sheet is evaluated by OMR sheets which is checked by a software. The Software gives detailed analysis of the attempted questions by the student.The result of the test series in conveyed to student & guardians by SMSes.
 Test Series


Catalyst has attendance management system which informs parents through SMSes whenever his/her ward enters or leaves the premises of catalyst. The profile of attendance of student is also maintain in database which is provide to parents on request.


Help desk provide a zone for students to turn up with their personal problems because Catalyst understands that we are guardian of students away from their home. In Catalyst we believe in improving on our shortcomings without any delay. We have strongest feedback system whereon the students & parents en joyful liberty to provide their valuable suggestion for academic & general improvement.

Non-Schooling Programme

  • This Programme offers an opportunity for class XI & XII non schooling
  • Students to have board study & competitive study (IIT/PMT under one roof) at catalyst.
  • Advantage of this programme is that students gets more time for self study & is not caught between
  • Stress of School & Coaching.
  • The Classes for Hindi, English, Physical Education & Computers will be held at catalyst.
  • This programme is more economical then separate school & coaching.

    Subjects Covered
    Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics (IIT+Board)
    Physics, Chemistry, Biology (PMT+Board)
    English, Hindi, Physical education & Computers